DID Supermom: Seeing the contestant Deepika taking care of her daughter

Judge Bhagyashree gave advice, said- apart from raising the child, you also have your dreams..

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In the mega auditions of Zee TV's reality show DID Super Moms (Dance India Dance Supermom) where the judges and the team of this dancing reality show will be seen enjoying the performance of all the contestants very much.

Contestant Deepika and her daughter's relationship, who came in the same audition, will attract everyone's attention.

Actually, all the judges of Dance India Dance were surprised to see how Deepika takes care of her daughter on the sets.

Actually, in the audition too, Deepika had brought a big bag with her.

 Most of the items in this bag were for his daughter.

Contestant Deepika came to audition with her daughter
Young mother Deepika, who came to the mega audition of Dance India Dance Supermom, carries her daughter's necessities in her bag.

 In which fresh food is also available for his daughter at all times.

Seeing this commitment towards Deepika's daughter, actress Bhagyashree also remembered her old heart.

Seeing Deepika's bag, Bhagyashree told how Deepika reminded her of the time when she herself had become a new mother.

Know what Bhagyashree has to say
Recalling her initial days of becoming a mother, Bhagyashree said that, I am also a mother and I know how difficult it is to manage personal life along with work. Actually Deepika reminded me of the time when I used to take care of my daughter. I understand that every mother wants to be with her child during her upbringing and wants to do everything for her, but sometimes there is no harm in taking help of others. This episode of Dance India Dance will be full of entertainment.

Bhagyashree guides the contestants
Praising Deepika who has become a new mother, Judge Bhagyashree of DID Supermom said that Deepika, I know that you are a super mom for your daughter, but it is also important for her to see that apart from raising her, you are fulfilling your dreams. Working hard for After listening to Bhagyashree, Deepika said that in future, this advice given by the "Main Pyaar Kiya" actress will definitely work in keeping the right balance of both her child's upbringing and career.