You want to watch powerful web series and movies on Netflix on Saturday and Sunday

so buy 1 month plan for cheap less than Rs 150

Mhara Hariyana News
Netflix Plans: Many people have office holidays on Saturday and Sunday and instead of going out in summer, they want to indulge in entertainment at home, so today we are going to tell you about such a plan of Netflix,

Whose price is less than 150 rupees.

 Netflix is ​​a platform to show web series, movies and different types of videos.

 But many people find Netflix plans expensive. But today we are going to solve your problem.

Actually, talking about Netflix subscription plan, there is a recharge plan of Rs 149 on this platform.
With this prepaid plan, you can enjoy entertainment not only on Saturdays and Sundays, but for the entire month.

This is a mobile subscription plan from Netflix and anyone can access it.

cheapest plan of netflix
Actually, the price of the mobile plan listed on Netflix is ​​Rs 149. Standard picture quality (480pixels) is available in this. The thing to note is that it can be run only on mobile and tab. It cannot be played on computer or TV. While the Rs 199 plan can be operated on mobile, TV, computer, laptop and tab etc., however note that only one TV can be operated at a time.

Netflix is ​​bringing more cheap plans
Netflix has recently taken many tough decisions to increase its dwindling userbase. Not only this, many leaks reports have claimed that Netflix may soon offer cheap plans with advertisements. Right now the cheapest plan for TV and mobile is Rs 199 in India and in the coming time a plan can be even cheaper than this.