ये है चाहतें 29 नवंबर 2023 एपिसोड- Arjun's Frustration Takes Center Stage in Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2023 Episode Update with Adi

ये है चाहतें 29 नवंबर 2023 एपिसोड- Arjun's Frustration Takes Center Stage in Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2023 Episode Update with Adi

ये है चाहतें 29 नवंबर 2023 एपिसोड: Aditya comes to Kashvi’s house, and keeps hand on Dadi’s eyes. Dadi identifies him and asks how are you? Aditya says he is fine and asks how are you my sweetheart. Dadi says mischievous. She asks how did he come here? He says he is mad for Kashvi and took transfer here.

ये है चाहतें 29 नवंबर 2023 एपिसोड

ये है चाहतें 29 नवंबर 2023 एपिसोड

Kashvi tells that he has taken transfer and is now her boss. He says he wants to have tea, and asks Kashvi to tell where is kitchen? He asks if you want to have tea.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2023 Episode

Dadi says no. Aditya goes to make tea. Dadi thanks God for sending Adi and says now Arjun can’t hurt Kashvi.

Jagdish comes to Arjun and asks what is he hiding, why he is sitting in darkness? Arjun tells that after talking to him, he decided to give proofs to Kashvi and leave decision on her.

He says I thought to give her pendrive, and felt responsibility towards her, but felt that she doesn’t need my help. He cries and tells that just as I reach her office, I saw and tells everything.

Jagdish says it means Mahima will not be exposed and your job is save. Arjun gets teary eyes. Jagdish says you got married to Mahima for Karun, and says Kashvi is your past and Mahima and Karun are you present.

He says you used to love Kashvi, but she is your past and few wishes couldn’t be fulfilled. Arjun thinks why my heart is not agreeing that Kashvi has moved on in her life.

Next day, Karun asks Mahima to wake up and says you have to come with me to school for sports day. Mahima wakes up and thinks why school kept it, why they want us to come.

She asks him to go with Micky and says she will come on time. Karun says he has participated in three race, and in last race, he has to run with her, and asks her to come surely. Mahima says I will come on time and asks him to go with Micky. She says it is difficult to raise children, she can’t do.

Peon comes to Kashvi and says trainees are waiting for boxing. Kashvi says she will be back. Adi comes to Kashvi and tells that she has to go for pre primary school for sports function, and says they made him chief guest, and he can’t go. He asks her to go on his behalf.

Kashvi says I can’t go, as it is now my session with trainees. He says he will take the session and asks her to go. She refuses. Adi orders her as her boss. Kashvi agrees. Adi says he will take the session and goes.

Kashvi comes to the sports function. Principal and others welcome her. Karun is standing behind and waits for Mahima. Principal gives the speech.

Teacher asks all the participating kids to stand in line. Mahima is sitting with her friends and gambling. She wins. Her friends ask if she is leaving.

Mahima tells that she has all day to play with them. The kids start to play. Kashvi sees Karun and thinks my superhero is here. She tells Principal that she will make an important call.

Adi comes to the trainees and says I am Kashvi. He then laughs and says he is Aditya Arora and your new trainer. Vishal asks if kashvi didn’t come, as she is suspended.

Arjun scolds Vishal and says she is proved innocent. Aditya tells that Arjun is right and Kashvi is proved innocent. He begins their training and asks them to breath out when they punch and then breath in. Vishal hits the punching bag first. Then Arpit.

Arjun comes next and hits the punching bag, recalling Kashvi and Adi’s hug. Adi asks Arjun to stop, and tells that he shall know when he shall stop and don’t be aggressive.

Arjun asks Adi when did he meet Kashvi Maam, and asks what is your relation with her. Aditya tells that they met 4-5 years back and became friends, now they are best friends. Arjun asks if just best friends.

Adi says more than that. Arjun gets angry and punches the bag so hard that it tears and the sand falls down. Adi asks him to relax and says you would have broken my nose.

Arjun says I should have done that. Adi hears him. Arjun goes. Kashvi meets Karun and asks why he is sad? He says his mother haven’t come till now.

Kashvi takes his mother’s no. and call her. Mahima is busy gambling and picks the call. Principal asks Kashvi to come to meet someone.

Kashvi asks karun to talk to his mother and goes. Karun asks Mahima to come. Mahima says she is busy and can’t come, but will take him to have icecream.

He says I don’t want icecream, but wants her. Mahima thinks she can’t upset Arjun, he is already upset with her about the stamp issue.

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