Amarnath Yatra 2022: How Shivling becomes

 No one knows… as soon as you see, all the fatigue of the journey goes away.

Mhara Hariyana News

The journey of Baba Amarnath has started from June 30 and will continue till the day of Raksha Bandhan on August 11.

 Meanwhile, lakhs of devotees of Baba Barfani will see him.

 For the last two years, devotees could not see Baba due to Corona, but this year there is tremendous enthusiasm among the devotees for Baba's darshan.

 Let us tell you that Amarnath Cave is among the snowy caves of Kashmir and it is considered a very holy place for the people of Hindu religion. It is said that this cave is about 5000 years old.

Every year in this cave, a naturally formed Shivling is formed from snow, which is seen as a miracle and this Himling is considered to be self-proclaimed.

Let us know how this Shivling is constructed.

No one knows how Shivling becomes
Water flows from near Shivling in Amarnath cave, but surprisingly till now it is not known from where this water comes. On the other hand, if we talk about Shivling, then scientists believe that drops of water drip from a crack from above in the Amarnath cave and the same drops take the shape of Shivling after freezing. But where is the source of water for these dripping drops, no one has been able to know about it till date. Apart from this, this thing also makes people very surprised that after all, how do those drops take the shape of Shivling every time? Nobody knows about it. It is still a puzzle today.

This Shivling grows
Not only this, it is also said that this Shivling of Baba Barfani decreases and increases depending on the light of the moon. Apart from this, the ice of this Shivling is solid, while the snow around it or outside is raw and soft. Why and how this happens, no one has got the answer till date.

Fatigue disappears in a moment
The journey to Amarnath is very difficult. To reach Baba's cave, people have to pass through many difficult stages. But it is said that after sorrow comes happiness. The same happens in Amarnath as well. After such a difficult journey, when the devotees see Baba Barfani, then all their fatigue goes away in a moment. Tears automatically start coming in people's eyes. It seems as if the whole life has been successful. How this miracle happens, no one could know about it till date.